We have been conducting Estate Sales in New England for over twenty years.

Never Been To An Estate Sale & Don’t Know What To Expect? 

         An Estate Sale is held indoors on site where all items are meticulously displayed and properly priced for sale. Many times when the contents of a home needs to be sold due to downsizing or a death, an Estate sale makes for the perfect solution.  We pride ourselves on displaying your items and properly evaluating them to ensure they priced properly. We try to sell everything in the home, from very valuable oil paintings, fine estate jewelry, 18th century furniture to everyday china, pots and pans, appliances, tools, books and so on, everything means just that- everything that remains in the house is for sale. Generally, these sales are held by professional estate liquidators/antiques appraisers/dealers, such as myself.  I am Chris Scala of Christopher Scala's Antiques. Many times I am asked why the family does not keep everything, usually the children are adults with furnished homes of their own and very little room for more items. Generally, a few treasured items are kept and the rest is designated for sale. The process of selling, disposing or distributing a loved ones or personal items can be very emotionally and a painstaking and arduous process to go through.

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      Initially we meet and go over your particular circumstance, what needs you have, deadlines that need to be met, specific questions about the services we provide and so on. When a sale is warranted, everything in the home is meticulously displayed & properly priced, your input is always encouraged. Prior to the sale my team and I research, organize, display and price the items, always using great care and respect for your items. There will be designated areas throughout the home that will be secure where items not included in the sale can be placed and safeguarded. The sale is advertised extensively through local newspapers, our private email customer list (comprising of over 400 (and growing) active customers who have attended our sales in the past), online and through social media; Facebook, Twitter and so on. We post many very clear signs throughout the area to help direct customers and local residents(the neighbors have always wanted to see the inside of your house) to the sale. Our sales open promptly at the agreed advertised time, the potential customers are given a number and a small group at a time enters in an orderly style. They would then walk through the rooms tagging the items they would like to purchase, those items are gathered and brought to the check-out area where they pay the cashier. 

       We do like to have room to negotiate on prices, it keep the energy of the sale up when pieces are moving and everyone likes to be part of it, so we encourage people to speak up when they find a treasure.